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We live and work in a world where sameness reigns.  And so it is that business leaders try hard to differentiate and compete.  However, going head-to-head with the competition forces a business to define itself in terms of another company; a comparison of features, functions and services.  Paradoxically, the harder a company attempts to compete in this manner the more similar it becomes to the competition and the more colorless to the potential customer.

Crucial questions for the business leader:

  • Do you know what you stand for and why?
  • Are you a thought leader … the authority in your field or specialty?
  • Can you easily confirm the value that you provide to your customers?

Many business leaders struggle with these questions and finding time to deal with them is often not part of the weekly work stream.  The symptoms, however, of not prioritizing this important work plays out daily across many businesses.  For example:

  • The sales pitch is full of confusing jargon mostly manufactured by the salesperson desperately attempting to compete in a marketplace whitewashed by sameness. Competing often comes down to price as true differentiation and value is lost among confusing conversations and complex proposals.
  • Marketing efforts, especially trade shows, deliver little if any value to the sales and lead generation process. The potential customer, visiting the booth or event, is not sure about the offer or the value but leaves.
  • The focus of the business is not clearly defined and therefore leads to the creation of products and services that are overly complex or inadequately designed. As a result, quality and efficiency suffer as the capacity of employees and resources are lost on supporting new features and functions. Scalability becomes impossible.
  • The company culture is either not clearly defined or non-existent. Company events and meetings lack uniform themes and focus, resulting in disengaged employees who cannot provide consistent messaging to clients or deliver succinct elevator pitches.
  • The company point of view is based on opinion. Potential customers see its subjectivity and choose competitors whose point of views are supported by industry research and data.

A point of view is lasting. It sells the story behind your business to new customers and employees. It differentiates you from competitors and establishes you as a thought-leader in your industry. And it brings far more value than investing in trade shows and traditional marketing—and for less. A point of view leads to succinct elevator speeches, inspiring company cultures, quality publications, and frequent speaking engagements. A point of view enables small businesses to unlock the growth they’ve been tirelessly working toward.

At Magnusson-Skor, we believe in the power of point of view. Our dedicated team includes entrepreneurs who have utilized a published point of view to grow their businesses. We bring the capacity, time, and talent to discover or unravel your point of view for dramatic impact on your growth. Founded in 2001, our company has helped clients craft their point of view into best-selling books, conferences, keynote speeches, and more.


Our unique, phased approach centers on establishing a point of view to drive every aspect of your business.

Interview Phase – Through structured interviews, we help create your point of view by defining why your company exists and supporting those assertions with strong research, quantifiable results, and successful stories. Together, we choose the appropriate format to promote your point of view.

Development Phase – Our team works behind the scenes to craft your point of view to be attractive to new and future clients. We package and deliver your point of view in the chosen format for your approval.

Promotion Phase – We deliver your point of view in its final approved form. We offer you additional tools to promote your point of view including blogging templates, social media strategy, sales and marketing collateral, and more.

How We Work With You

Time is an invaluable asset. So you can focus on what matters, we are committed to shouldering the burden of creating a point of view from start to finish. Our phased-approach takes 4 months, during which we work behind the scenes except for two quick touchpoints designed to maximize your time and minimize any interruptions to your business:

  • Touchpoint #1 = a series of structured interviews
  • Touchpoint #2 = final approval of the point of view

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